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Current reports publicated by Elemental Holding S.A.

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Publication of the report of 2018 :


Date Raport No Title
2018-08-07 18/2018

Court registration of amendments to the Issuer's Articles of Association


Articles Of Association Of The Company “Elemental Holding Spółka Akcyjna”

2018-06-19 17/2018

Conclusion of a contract of purchase of 32% shares in a subsidiary of Elemental Holding SA

2018-05-29 16/2018

Receiving notifications of transaction under Article 19 section 1 MAR from the managers of Elemental Holding S.A.



2018-05-24 15/2018 List of shareholders holding at least 5% of the number of votes at the Ordinary General Meeting of ELEMENTAL HOLDING held on 24 May 2018
2018-05-24 14/2018

Resolutions adopted by the Ordinary General Meeting of Elemental Holding S.A. on 24 May 2018 


EH_RB_14_2018 z 2018.05.24_uchwały ZWZ_załącznik treść uchwał

2018-05-02 13/2018

Receipt of notification under Art. 69 of the Act on public offering 


notification letter

2018-04-27 12/2018

Submission of a certificate of compliance


E series certificate

F series certificate

2018-04-26 11/2018

Convening of the Ordinary General Meeting for May, 24th 2018


- Convening of the OGM

draft resolution

2018-04-26 10/2018 Information about changes in the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of ELEMENTAL HOLDING SA
2018-04-23 09/2018

Change of the date of publication of the annual report for 2017

2018-03-19 08/2018

Information on further development directions

2018-03-01 07/2018

Update on the acquisition of a Dutch company

2018-02-28 06/2018

Acquisition of a majority stake in a German company from the automotive catalyst recycling industry

2018-02-20 05/2018

Determination of the first day of listing in the Catalyst alternative trading system of F-series bearer bonds

2018-02-07 04/2018

Introduction of F-series bearer bonds to alternative trading at the Catalyst market

2018-01-10 02/2018

Signing of a letter of intent relating to the acquisition of a company from the used automotive catalyst processing sector

2018-01-02 01/2018

Information regarding the acquisition in the Netherlands












About Us

Elemental Holding is a leading Polish group operating in the recycling and recyclable material trading industry and a top supplier of recyclable material for metalworks and foundries all over the country. It runs its operations using recycling facilities located in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Middle East countries.

The Holding mainly specialises in trading in and processing non-ferrous metals a as well as electronic circuits.  (more)


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