Development strategy

The new strategy entails building of a capital group from complementary companies with  their reach exceeding Europe, dealing with trading and recycling of materials used in electronic and electrical industry as well as in the automotive sector.

The objective of Elemental Holding S.A. capital group is to diversify the sources of materials both with respect to the source type and its geographic location, paying particular attention to the reclamation from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste automotive catalytic converters (SAC) as the basic pillars of the Group operations.

Our strategic goal is to ensure our continuous presence, by dynamic organic development and acquisition, e.g.  at 15 European markets and through our sales representatives on other 35 foreign markets.

With respect to the strategy performance, the Management Board of Elemental Holding pays much attention to ensuring balance between investment expenditures and maintaining optimum operating capacities of the holding. This is why we believe that obtaining the appropriate scale of activity first of all, and, all the same, the repeatable flows of selected metal waste fractions is of key importance for significant investment expenditures in innovative technologies in the second phase.

EMT on the WSE


EMT on the WSE

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About Us

Elemental Holding is a leading Polish group operating in the recycling and recyclable material trading industry and a top supplier of recyclable material for metalworks and foundries all over the country. It runs its operations using recycling facilities located in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Middle East countries.

The Holding mainly specialises in trading in and processing non-ferrous metals a as well as electronic circuits.  (more)


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