Elemental Holding and Triathlon


They write about ETO 2018

2018 Olsztyn ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup - under this name, on the website of the International Triathlon Union there is information about the competition which will take place in Olsztyn, on May 26 this year. Details can be found HERE
We are very happy not only with the event in Olsztyn, but also with the entire Elemental Tri Series cycle - the organizers already have 500 names on the start list and this number is growing all the time. Certainly in all events' cities there will be plenty of excitement and good sportsmanship.
All what we can do now is to wait for May and for the beginning of this year competitions' series.

About Us

Elemental Holding is a leading Polish group operating in the recycling and recyclable material trading industry and a top supplier of recyclable material for metalworks and foundries all over the country. It runs its operations using recycling facilities located in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Middle East countries.

The Holding mainly specialises in trading in and processing non-ferrous metals a as well as electronic circuits.  (more)


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