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Starting from 2018, ETS competition with compulsory licenses of PZTri.

Source: PZTri

As of 2018, Elemental Trithlon Series will belong to a group of competitions requiring licensees for participation - any amateur who wants to participate in these events will have to have an annual or daily license. According to the analysis of the Polish Triathlon Federation, the cost of daily licenses should not exceed PLN 20. An agreement relating to this issue was signed by 16 organizers of almost 40 major competitions in Poland.

The purpose of introducing the licensing system is to include athletes, also amateurs, in the official triathlon structures in Poland, by creating a nationwide ranking of players in each age group. In addition, competitors having licenses will be able to be covered by accident insurance (NNW), both during competition and training sessions. It will also be possible to include them in the program of discounts to purchase sports equipment and nutritional supplements from partners of the Polish Triathlon Federation. It is also worth noting that annual licenses require regular medical examinations, whereas daily licenses – good health declarations.

More details and information on current activities and plans of the Polish Triathlon Federation can be found on the PZTri website and an account of the PZTri Management Board conference relating to, among other, licenses can found HERE.



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Elemental Holding is a leading Polish group operating in the recycling and recyclable material trading industry and a top supplier of recyclable material for metalworks and foundries all over the country. It runs its operations using recycling facilities located in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Middle East countries.

The Holding mainly specialises in trading in and processing non-ferrous metals a as well as electronic circuits.  (more)


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