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Olsztyn, Blachownia, Białystok – just as in the past years, Elemental Tri Series competitions will take place in these three cities, where you can either try your hand at sports competitions or support other players. The organizers also planned a competition for children. And accordingly:

27 May 2018: Elemental Tri Series Olsztyn - an event for amateurs and professionals. The competition will inaugurate the ETS cycle in 2018, and for many competitors, it will be their first start of the season. It is worth noting that this year, on a day before the competition in Olsztyn, i.e. on Saturday, 26 May, the prestigious European Triathlon Cup will be held on the sprint distance, so the presence at the competition will be an excellent opportunity to cheer on the best European triathlonists.

29 July 2018: Elemental Tri Series Blachownia - just like the ETS Olsztyn, Blachownia competition is intended for amateurs and professionals. This is another edition of sports competition in this city.

The series, as in previous years, will end on 19 August 2018 with an event in Białystok.

Remember that also this year your children may participate in Elemental Kids cross-country competitions - choose from three distances (200 m, 500 m and 1000 m) in 14 age categories.

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Elemental Holding is a leading Polish group operating in the recycling and recyclable material trading industry and a top supplier of recyclable material for metalworks and foundries all over the country. It runs its operations using recycling facilities located in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Middle East countries.

The Holding mainly specialises in trading in and processing non-ferrous metals a as well as electronic circuits.  (more)


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