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Members of the Elemental Tri Team with Polish Champion titles

The Chodzież competition proved to be exceptionally successful for Elemental Tri Team competitors: at the Chodzież competition, Kacper Stępniak for the first time in his career gained the title of the Polish Champion at the Olympic distance, and Kamil Damiętka confirmed his great disposition at the sprint distance, winning the title of the Polish Junior Champion. Kacper Stępniak was one of the most active players among all starters. He easily won with a result of 1:48:54, leaving Miłosz Sowiński (2nd place) and Michał Oliwa (3rd place) behind. There was also no surprise with Kamila Damiętka’s victory – we should recall that this year, at the same distance, Kamil already won the title of the Polish Senior Vice Champion.

After the competition, both members of the Elemental Tri Team were visibly satisfied:

Kacper Stępniak: From the beginning of the race, I felt this was my day. I came out of the water as the third one, with a considerable loss to Michał Oliwa, but I knew he would still have to wait for us on the bike, because he had no chance to reach T2 along. On the run, you could see effects of my work with coach Rehula. I ran the fastest of all and still had some reserves. This is my first Polish Championship, so it is absolutely amazing for me, but I hope it will not be the last. Now I am preparing for the World Cup and European Cup, where I will be able compare my current disposition with that of top players in our discipline.

Kamil Damiętka: I am very happy with another medal at such an important event. I would like to thank my coaches Jan Rehula and Czarek Figurski for their trust. I think that hard work during trainings brings results. I hope that every such start brings me closer to competing for qualification for the Olympics.

We truly congratulate to both contestants and deeply believe that there many more enjoyable moments ahead of us thanks to their performances.

It is also worth mentioning that Kamil Damentka and Kacper Stępniak are holders of scholarships from the Sports City Foundation supported as part of the Elemental Tri Team program. The purpose of this program is to search for Olympic talent in triathlon and support their sporting development. The Elemental Tri Team has as a chief coach a bronze Sydney Olympic medalist in triathlon - Jan Rehula. He is assisted by the best Polish coaches - Cezary Figurski and Piotr Netter. Elemental Holding SA is the strategic sponsor of the program. The program is also supported by New Balance, Sailfish, Sissu, and Powerbar.



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