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ETS Blachownia for Sikora and Stępniak

The Elemental Triathlon Series is already after the halfway stage: in Blachownia there was another series of competitions where nearly 750 male and female participants competed. Such a great attendance made our competitions the biggest Triathlon event in Silesia. Thank you!

As always, emotions were very intense, and the competition was fierce. On three distances: Olympic without drafting, sprint with drafting and supersprint with drafting, there was also a fight for points in the Polish Cup ranking. At the start of the most prestigious sprint distance there appeared, among others: Tomasz Marcinek, Tomasz Brembor, Robert Wilkowiecki, Mateusz Kaźmierczak, Paulina Klimas and Marta Łagownik. Kacper Stępniak (UKS Tri-Team Rumia) was the first at the finish line with a score of 00:56:18. Tomasz Brembor (GVT BMC, 00:56:40) came in second. The third place on the podium went to Tomasz Marcinek (KS AZS-AWF Katowice, 00:57:00). Aleksandra Sikora (Triathlon YMCA Kraków, 01:01:52) was the best competitor among ladies. Alicja Ulatowska (WLKS Kmicic Częstochowa, 01:01:57) was the second at the finish line. The third place was won by Roksana Słupek (MUKS Piętnastka Bydgoszcz, 01:01:59).

Maksymilian Kopiczko (SSP Orka Iława) turned out to be the best in the supersprint distance, running the distance in 00:30:09. Józefina Młynarska (Triathlon YMCA Kraków) was the best among girls with a score of 00:34:38.

Maciej Chmura (GVT BMC, 01:57:16) was the fastest at the Olympic distance, gaining over two seconds of advantage over the second place, which fell to Kacper Adam (, 01:59:20). Andrzej Szczużewski (Gmina Strzelce Opolskie, 02:03:38) was the third runner at this distance. Izabela Janusz (Triathlon Club Wrocław, 02:21:33) was the winner among women at the Olympic distance, second place went to Natalia Rypel (KS AZS-AWF Katowice, 02:22:54). Daria Radczuk (CTS - Czaja Trening System, 02:23:02) was the third contestant. Relay teams also competed at the Olympic distance with one person swimming, another one riding a bike, and a third one running.

The Triathlon in Blachownia was accompanied by two running events: Elemental Kids for the youngest racers: 200, 500 and 1000 m, and 10 km run for adults in the 10K Run Series, on the route certified by PZLA.

On 20.08.2017, the grand finale of the Elemental Tri Series 2017 will be held in Bialystok, and you may still enroll. Just fill in the form at

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