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ETO2017: emotions, emotions, emotions. A whole lot of positive emotions.

It was not sure until the last moment whether the inauguration of Elemental Tri Series 2017 would be a triathlon or duathlon inauguration: on Friday, the water temperature in Lake Ukiel was not even 10 degrees Celsius high, which prevented the swimming part. During the press conference, it was emphasized that the judges would make the final decision and the organizers would be ready for any option ... Yet May this year is favorable for us, the organizers, as well as for athletes and fans - in two days, the sun heated the water to 13 degrees and the competition Elemental Triathlon Olsztyn 2017 was held according to its name. Sunday in Olsztyn belonged to triathlon enthusiasts.

First, there was a 10-km race for adults and children runs for 200, 500 and 1000 m. Then super sprint, sprint and Olympic distance. Great excitement in this fantastic environment created by the Olsztyn authorities and the Labosport team, wonderful weather and wonderful doping - this energetic cocktail carried competitors to the podium, but also to the most important of successes: completion of the competition, which requires resistant body and invincible spirit. Let us remind you - 750 meters of swimming took place in the water not even 14 degrees warm. Try having such a shower...

Detailed accounts, photos and results can be found on, we give our warmest thanks to all those who joined us during this wonderful weekend in Olsztyn. We invite you to another Elemental Tri Series 2017.


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