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Elemental Tri Series final

The last stage of the Elemental Tri Series cycle, 2018 edition, took place on 19 August in Białystok. During the competition in Białystok, participants competed for points in the Polish Triathlon Cup ranking: they could be obtained at the sprint distance, both among juniors and seniors. It is worth noting that in Białystok, there was also a competition within the framework of the Olympic Hope Tournament, in which participants from Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary took part.

Over 400 female and male competitors arrived to the Dojlidy Lagoon and competed at one of the three distances:

  • Olympic (1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling, 10 km of running),
  • Sprint (0.75 km - 20 km - 5 km),
  • ​Supersprint (0.2 km - 10 km - 2.5 km),

In addition, the organizers took care of those who like running only – they could check their runner’s abilities at the distance of 10 km.

The struggles of the triathletes began with the start at the Supersprint distance. Participants of the Olympic Hopes Tournament in the 14-15 age category were the first to take part. Here the Czechs dominated the podium of male juniors: Robert Kostllán (CZE triathlonteam; 00:33:15), David Pluhař (CZE triathlonteam; 00:33:41), and Martin Kozojed (CZE triathlonteam; 00:33:50). Among the female juniors, the Hungarians were the fastest: Gyula Soós Gergő (Team Hungary; 00:29:13), Lili Dobi (Team Hungary; 00:35:02), and Sarolta Rózsa (Team Hungary; 00:35:58).

The next competition was at the sprint distance. Here also the triathletes who raced as part of the Olympic Hope Tournament started (male and female juniors). The fastest players were from Hungary: Péter Benedek (Team Hungary, 00:58:39), Viktor Mészáros (Team Hungary, 00:58:41), and Máté Jankov (Team Hungary, 00:58:45). Female competition was again dominated by Hungary: Soma Kovács Márton (Team Hungary, 00:55:05), Adrienn Hangya (Team Hungary, 01:06:22), and Anna Tóth (Team Hungary, 01:06:39). After this round, the athletes racing in the Polish Cup and age-groupers ran on the sprint distance. Elite was represented here by, among others, Tomasz Marcinek, Piotr Ławicki, Robert Wilkowiecki, Tomasz Szala, Daniel Juszkowiec, Aleksandra Rudzińska, and Aleksandra Sikora.

The fight both in water and on land was dominated by: Tomasz Marcinek, Tomasz Szala, Robert Wilkowiecki, and Daniel Juszkowiec. Marcinek and Wilkowiecki were the first to leave water, then they jointly competed along the cycling route and almost simultaneously went to the running stage. However, they were not alone in this competition – behind their backs, they felt the breaths of Szala and Juszkowiec, who managed to overtake Robert Wilkowiecki. Finally, Tomasz Marciniak (KS AZS-AWF Katowice; 00:57:31) won the first place, Tomasz Szala was the second (Profi Team, 00:58:27) and Daniel Juszkowiec - the third (UKS G-8 Bielany Warszawa; 00:58:36). Among women competing in the sprint, Aleksandra Sikora from Triathlon YMCA Krakow turned out to be the best. Her time was 01:05:57. Aleksandra Rudzińska was the second at the finishing line of the competition in Białystok (Profi Team; 01:08:32). The third place on the podium was taken by Zuzanna Sudak (UKS G-8 Bielany Warszawa), with the result of 01:08:46.

Athletes racing at the Olympic distance started as the last competitors during the Sunday competition. The first place was taken by Łukasz Lis (Triclub), with the time 02:00:02. Piotr Saniawa was the second one (Triathlon Lublin Team), with the time 02:04:47, and Mariusz Pierk (SBR Triathlon Team; 02:09:02) came third. Beata Stermach was the fastest woman at this distance (02:32:50). The second place was taken by Dagna Kolaszewska (02:42:15), and the third by Małgorzata Szurnicka (Szura Team, 02:49:08).

At the Olympic distance, fans could also watch competition of three-person relays, in which one person was swimming, another was riding a bike and the third one was running. The fastest team turned out to be Beko Paweł Nowosielski, Patryk Drężek, and Cezary Kazimierski, with the time 02:05:21. The second place was taken by the TriWawa team (Jakub Krysiak, Krzysztof Krysiak, Szymon Grzybczyk; 02:12:28), and the third by Nadaktywni Białystok (Dariusz Zalewski, Łukasz Grodzki, Bartosz Markowski; 02:27:25).

For the first time in Bialystok, the triathlon competition was accompanied by the 10K Run Series Białystok race, which is already a tradition in other competitions of the series. The runners had to run at a ten-kilometer-long distance, certified by PZLA. Andrzej Leończuk with the time 00:32:38 turned out to be the fastest competitor. Among women, Marta Zajkowska triumphed with time 00:47:37.

As always, besides the main Elemental Tri Series competition in Białystok, there was also an accompanying event for children. The youngest competed in running competitions as part of Elemental Kids at three distances: 200 m (1-7 years), 500 m (8-11 years), 1000 m (12-15 years).

Białystok was the last stage of the Elemental Triathlon Series 2018 series organized as part of the Polish Triathlon Cup. The competition in the framework of the Polish Cup will be officially summarized in autumn, during the Polish Triathlon Gala.




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