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Blachownia competition is over

Once again, the Elemental Tri Series came to Blachownia near Częstochowa. Murderous heat is nothing special for competitors, but this time nature set another obstacle - blue-green algae in Blachownia Lake. And it won - there was no swimming. The competition took place in the duathlon formula. An accompanying event was a 10 km run and children's runs. In total, almost 600 participants competed in Blachownia, which shows how well this event was perceived in previous years.

The decision to resign from swimming was taken on Sunday morning. Instead of the swimming stage, there was a race and so the competitors running on the super-sprint distance had to run on 2.5 km distance, cycle on 10 km and again run 2.5 km, whereas at the sprint distance it was 2.5 km run, 20 km cycling and 5 km run, at the Olympic distance - 5 km run, 40 km cycling and 10 km run. In the heatwave, which we have been facing for several days in Poland, replacing the swimming with running was a challenge even for the toughest ones.

The sprint distance was won by Piotr Ławicki (MKS Polkowice CCC Sprandi Polkowice). His time was 55:09. The second place with the time of 55:21 was taken by Przemysław Szymanowski (IDMAR Racing Team) and the third place went to Igor Siódmiak (MKP Szczecinek) with the time of 55:38. The super-sprint distance was won by Maksymilian Kopiczko (ORKA Iława Polamp Giżycko, time: 36:12) and Julia Sanecka (Delf Gryfino, time: 38:40). At the Olympic distance, the victory went to Filip Przymusiński (UAM Triathlon Poznań, time: 2:00:33). Jakub Kimmer (TTPSC) was right after him with time 2:00:49. The third place went to Benjamin Kuciński (, time: 2:06:45). Izabela Janusz (Triathlon Club Wroclaw, 02:18:50) triumphed among women at the Olympic distance, second place was taken by Aleksander Kieda (IronWoman FIT, time: 2:28:07), and the third by Wiktoria Gibiec (siostry_Gibiec, time: 2:29:24).

Another, final Elemental Tri Series competition will take place on August 19, in Bialystok.

See you there!


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